Bakers Trio
Address: SHOP 12, 680 Rubenstein Dr, Moreleta Park, Moreleta
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“Bakery we have bread buns cakes tarts treats and eats.”
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Confectionery – DIY Baking Ingredients & Accessories.
We focus on baking made easy for the novice baker to the professional chef. Supplying them with ingredients, easy to follow pre-mixe’s, decorations, kids’ party accessories, sweets and even state of the art utensils to create your own baking art piece. Our aim is to satisfy your full circle baking needs, from the packaging to cleaning products all conveniently available in one location. We also stock a wide range of spices packaged for your convenience ready to use for that mouthwatering dish!

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Black Bean Corner
Address: Parkview Shopping Centre, 24 Garsfontein Road, Moreleta Park
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Welcome to the 4 C’s in our lives:
You must make the CHOICE, to take the CHANCE, if you want anything in life to CHANGE!  COFFEE helps!
Black Bean Corner is a small little coffee shop, on a corner, brewing excellent espresso, and making fresh food with love and joy.

If you want to avoid the morning traffic or simply looking for a quick bite while on the way to the office, come and try our delicious coffee with a breakfast or one of our light meals.

Black Bean Corner uses high quality Arabica beans, sourced from Ethiopia and Burundi.
It has a slightly sweet flavour, with hints of nuts, chocolate, fruit, berries, and caramel. Characteristically this is a blend of slight, pleasant acidity, and a little bitterness.

Our great tasting meals are meticulously prepared with only the finest, freshest and top quality ingredients.
We also offer a wide range of delicious desserts and cakes which includes scones, croissants, pancakes, waffles, savoury, muffins and much more.

We have an extensive range of mocktails, teas, lemonades, shakes and gourmet shakes, and various other hot beverages.

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012 993 0856
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